The Oxford Music Network

A network of professional musical organisations in Oxford working collaboratively to make a full contribution to the cultural development of the region.



Our central objective: To ensure the professional musical organisations in Oxford work together to realise their potential through sharing information, building effective partnerships with each other and key cultural and statutory bodies, developing and delivering practical programmes, and contributing to and influencing arts policy in Oxfordshire for the benefit of the whole community.

Aims and operation

The Oxford Music Network (OMN) exists as a co-operative forum to address the needs of the key professional music organisations in Oxford, and, by extension, their cultural programmes, audiences, and educational and outreach partners in the community.

It was set up in 2006 as a joint initiative by promoting organisations who had been actively working together for a number of years. The current members are Oxford Lieder, Music at Oxford, Oxford Contemporary Music, Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, The City of Oxford Orchestra, Orchestra of St John's, Oxford Bach Choir, Oxford Bach Soloists, SJE Arts, Instruments of Time and Truth, Faculty of Music, University of Oxford, Oxford Festival of the Arts and de Jager Auditorium - Trinity College

OMN meets monthly to discuss issues of common interest, exchange information and skills, share resources, co-ordinate and market their performance programmes in and around Oxford, and identify joint action initiatives to improve the effectiveness of their work individually and collectively, including the creation of new ventures and the generation of new funding.

A strategic aim of OMN is to open up and maintain good communication with local and regional leaders and community representatives from the private sector, local government, universities, schools and other educational and outreach groups, and the local cultural industry generally.

OMN believes that high-quality music-making and related programmes in its community play a vital and significant role in the social, environmental and economic life of the whole Oxfordshire region. The contribution of music and the arts in general should be regarded as a valuable regional resource, and OMN seeks actively to provide access to its benefits to everyone in the area.

Corporate Partners

OMN Corporate Partners - Connecting arts, business and community

  • Join a new initiative unique to Oxford
  • Play a part in the city's vibrant cultural life
  • Market to a live audience of over 30,000 people
  • Choose from 200 events in over 25 venues
  • Offer clients, staff and families a world of performances

For further information about corporate membership of OMN, including a trial membership period, please contact Peter Burrows, OMN Corporate Partnership Manager on 07906 808186 or [email protected]